Organization of Facial Plastic Surgery Assistants
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OFPSA – Organization of Facial Plastic Surgery Assistants

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The OFPSA is a sister organization to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The organization was established over twenty years ago when physician’s offices realizing the need to use other offices as their best resource!  The membership is comprised of practice managers, nurses, medical estheticians, surgery coordinators, billing managers, patient coordinators and other personnel who play important roles in their physician’s office.  Through the participation of the OFPSA, members are informed and updated on current topics, marketing strategies, management issues, and developing technologies that affect their practice.   The OFPSA fosters education, practice growth and personal enhancement.  It assists its members with the ongoing process of building a successful facial plastic surgery practice.  All members of the OFPSA are decision makers in their practices.  The members play a vital role in influencing each other on what products and services to purchase.  The OFPSA has built a tremendous network among their members through the years.

The organization also offers a mentoring program.  Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon offices volunteer to participate in the program. At the member or member’s sponsor’s (physician) expense, they may visit any of the participating offices for a day or more and shadow any office personnel, gather information, receive copies of forms, procedures, protocols, as well as spend time with the physician. This program is initiated by the member and the participating office.

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Here is the paperwork you will need to join the OFPSA


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